Unraveled, unchained

I pull away from all my memories and thoughts. They pollute my head. They hold me back like ivory chains that I can’t break free of. I strip off my clothes and stand naked, exposed, scared. I bare my scars to a world that will never see. I take a deep breath as the wind ruffles my hair playfully. I have no shame. I have no fear.

Then I tear away my skin and flesh. I refuse to be bound by mortality or physicality. I stand bare-boned, trying to make sense of who I am and where I stand.  I try to unravel what I was and what I have become. I finally break away from my bony prison, I lose all touch with the physical to become a dream, a thought, an evolving mental existence. Only then, am I able to absorb all the beauty of my ugliness and appreciate it.

I finally become me. Bare, deformed and glorious. 


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