Time of heroes

Egyptian heroSit by me and tell me a story. Find a way to cleanse me up and put something naive inside.

Tell me of good times, of dreamy heroes clad in bright armors of rugs. Tell me of faith, of honor and grace. Draw me a picture of letters and curves to rule my mind. Talk to me of how valiant they were, a band of misfits with a dream of love.

Tell me stories to ease the pain – a pain I never grew numb to. Like a knife left inside, they twist it every once in a while and smile. I hold it together when strong, I scream when I give up and die when I can.

Tell me stories of love. Remind me of the faces of the silhouettes who rule my mind. Purify me. Take away the filth they leave inside and remind me of the dreamers, the lovers and the fighters. Remind me of my fear and tell me of my courage. Show me the shore but don’t take me there, leave me to swim with the gods for a while longer. You know how I yearn for them.

Tell me of the day I stood shoulder to shoulder with the giants. So small but significant, so scared but far from weak. Tell me of how the scum rose up to be knights that day. Send the songs thundering again, let them amaze the world again, let them shake the throne of oppression again, let them strike fear in the heart of the tyrant again.

Pick up the fading colours and paint the battlefield of dreams. Draw the lies of the trickster, spreading vile vines through the hearts and minds. Paint death looming over us, sending bloodied fingers down to reap the field. Paint the downtrodden, proud and unyielding, staring up at it in defiance under a glorious sunrise. Through it all draw hope – oh never forget hope – and paint it with the colours of the rainbow breaking through dawn.

Etch in marble the names of those who gave their lives that the rest of us may dream on. Let us all turn to dust while their names are worshipped. Let the world fade away into a wasteland while their names stand an eternal testimony, defying the worthlessness of time. Read them everyday, that the sacrifice may never be forgotten. Tell them I never forgot.

Sit by me, take my hand and lead me to salvation in the stories. They are all they left for me after tainting the dream. Tell me life is better, lie to me and I will believe you. Take me to the heroes again, let me sing again with those I love. Let me lay to rest amongst them, that we may sing to the heavens for the rest of time till we become legend again.


One thought on “Time of heroes

  1. Tell me life is better, lie to me and I will believe you.. Just tell me and let the rest.
    Go ahead please..strong start takes you towards the best.

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