Sip my dreams

Come hang out with me in my dreams. Sit with me and let’s sip coffee while the tears of the world form black rivers around us. Let us be heroes, be enlightened, be gods. Let us paint with our own colors, the colors of our love, that they will never see.

Draw me a map of the world, of our own fantastical world of mythical totems and flying turtles and talking apples. Let it be silly or grand, I couldn’t care less as long as I’m there with you. Scrub away logic, you know it is not befitting of us. We could never do normal anyways.

Paint away the skeptics and doubters, they will never have a place here. What do they know of you and me? They do not see the colors we paint the world with when together. They don’t see how you glow and bathe the world in your loveliness. They don’t hear the music of the world we play in perfect symphony.

I sit by quietly and smile sadly as I watch you draw with your perfect strokes. With each touch of your soulful brush sparkles of us come to life, filling the air with the smell of pancakes in the early morning and the colors of the diving phoenix. Your hands weave in and out of the drawing like a gypsy drawing with threads of the wind.

Lay by me under the night sky as we draw our own constellation and name it as you breathe new stars into the void. Draw them where only we can see them. Paint them so only we can understand them. It will always be our little secret.

I hug your colors and caress your light. I’m in love with all that is you. Draw lies, draw truths, does it really matter? All that matters is the existence of you and I.


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