Monthly Archives: June 2013

Reminiscing with the griffin

I looked at the picture and could hardly recognize
A face staring back that I once knew
I soaked a beard and longer hair on the photo
But the bird just flew away
I saw distorted friends I knew very well
The rabbit, the green cat, the rainy afternoon
Smiling, frowning and sharing sweets

I sat with the griffin to smoke a pack
Reminiscing about the battles we won
But the wind blew dust in our eyes
And the rabbit could hardly jump anymore
The grey cat licked my face with a dry tongue
As an empty cigarette pack floated out to sea

I touched my toes and licked the falling rain
I painted bright to the unhappy picture, but he didn’t smile
He could not fly anymore, let alone take me away as before
I cuddle up in his flaky fleece, you’re beautiful to me
We’ll dine with the drying river, dance with the setting sun,
Tell tales to the young frogs who’ll thread them into songs


“It’s worth it”

His tears were defiant, his smile humbling. “It’s worth it,” he said. “It’ll all be worth it in the end.”

We lay in fear as the sky rained down rocks, each one seeking to kill or maim. I was scared my friend, I cannot deny it. I felt ashamed of my weakness when I saw your strength. You’re a far better man then I can ever hope to be, and I’m glad I was there with you.

Everything stood still, speechless at the strength that was you. The wind bowed to you, bouncing the harsh rocks away like an invisible hug. Every rock sighed in relief as it hit the ground away from you, happy to bring you no harm. One rock lay hated, despised, for it had failed all the other rocks like a malicious arrow.

I looked at it, reddened with your crystals, and hated it. I wished it never existed. I’m scared my brother, scared to see you gone. How can I live with this? I am not like that rock, this would break me. I don’t know you but I need you. I need to know I did something.

I touch your forehead as the blood gushes between my fingers. Make it stop my friend, make it stop. I was scared because I couldn’t stop it. All I needed to do was take it away. All I cared about was to see it dry. The blood touches the sidewalk and it cried in pain. The sidewalk wanted it to stop. The dust on the street drank it up hoping by doing so it would stop.

But it did not stop. It cut its way through little canals of crimson dreams that glittered under the kind sun. The canals moved on, bringing a sad song to everything they touched as they came down the sidewalk lazily. Everything they touched was honored yet miserable, holy yet bland. It is too precious my friend. I’d rather see me fade then see it spilled like that.

My tears were not defiant, they were weak. My smile was not humble, it was broken. “It’s worth it,” he said. “It’ll all be worth it in the end.”

Farewell my one minute friend. I wish I can believe like you.