Reminiscing with the griffin

I looked at the picture and could hardly recognize
A face staring back that I once knew
I soaked a beard and longer hair on the photo
But the bird just flew away
I saw distorted friends I knew very well
The rabbit, the green cat, the rainy afternoon
Smiling, frowning and sharing sweets

I sat with the griffin to smoke a pack
Reminiscing about the battles we won
But the wind blew dust in our eyes
And the rabbit could hardly jump anymore
The grey cat licked my face with a dry tongue
As an empty cigarette pack floated out to sea

I touched my toes and licked the falling rain
I painted bright to the unhappy picture, but he didn’t smile
He could not fly anymore, let alone take me away as before
I cuddle up in his flaky fleece, you’re beautiful to me
We’ll dine with the drying river, dance with the setting sun,
Tell tales to the young frogs who’ll thread them into songs


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