The eternal dine

They sat together to the greatest feast there ever was. Laughter rang out across the hall. Voices rose in singing, others in stories of valor. The faces around the table were familiar yet they looked very different. Young, vibrant and energetic. It was like the sun was always rising to their faces.

The stars served them, darting around in all their brightness to answer their every whim. The elements obeyed them and worshiped them. The wind darted around to hear their stories of valor while the earth sighed in satisfaction – even as it heard the tales for the millionth time.

Vastly different faces spoke with one voice. The scars were not gone, but became streams of bright light – tattoos of dignity. The rugs they once wore were adorned with elaborate designs of silk. The pain was forever gone.They spoke of their dreams and, unlike him, they laughed about it. They were, finally, happy. Did they know what he knew? Or maybe he didn’t know what they knew.

The eternal dance went on, threading like a golden needle in the fabric of black space. 

He entered the hall, humbled, and tears flew down his cheeks. At long last he was in good company again. 


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