The flip of a coin

They sat silently trying to look anywhere except at each other. The flowers were dying. The sickly sweet hunger was spreading slowly but surly across the ground, inching closer to our feet dipped in the cool springs that have gathered around us.

Has it been decades or centuries? I wouldn’t really know. We’ve been built up and broken down time and time. We’ve been there for each other, angry at each other, we’ve known love and hate and what it is like to feel both at the same time.

I flip the coin for the millionth time, hoping this is the time I finally get a third outcome, something you and I can rally behind. You smile sadly at me, I’ve always been your favorite idiot after all.

Remember when we were idiots roaming the streets in search of dreams that grew on trees we couldn’t climb? Back then, we threw the coin and it landed on a million different outcomes, and we felt we wanted more. Today, the coin has only one face, and we hate it.

We breathe loudly, pretend to be free, when our wings of dreams have been clipped angrily and fed to their desperate, hungry hounds. I want to think of something witty to say, something that will melt the ice that’s taken over your soul, but words slip through the cracks they’ve left in me.

But if I can’t take your pain away, then I have truly become useless. If I can’t paint you dreams like before, then I have truly lost. If I can’t fight anymore, then I have truly fallen.

The hunger creeps closer to us, ready to consume what little we have left. We’ve lost the best of us to them but now they are after the worst in us. They’ve cut down the trees and trampled on the dreams, as they laughed at us as we scrambled across trying to gather what little bits remained of the grand dreams.

It’s too late to dream, but way way too early to be consumed. My eyes give up the search, and just turn back to you. Let their hunger creep up on us, as long as we have each other, they will never know how to consume us.

And we may yet find another way.



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