The history

“I didn’t lose my mind it was mine to give away…”

I cannot draw, I suck at painting and I have a horrible voice. Writing, to me, is the only outlet I can express myself creatively.  It’s always been there for me, an escape route when I needed to understand my unruly mind.

In January 2011, I took part in the most life-altering event in my entire life, the Egyptian Revolution. I wanted to write about it, I wanted to capture the raw emotions and images that flooded through me from this experience but I could never write a single sentence to describe it. Years afterwards, I still struggle to write about it, but I know that I must do it in order to remember these feelings that I never want to lose.

Now, several years later, I’m starting all over again. A new page. I have abandoned my old blog and created this new one. The Unwriting is my attempt to remove all the burdens of the years, everything that is holding me back, and strip bare to be able to write again. It is my attempt to find my creative outlet again and hopefully, in the process, create something that is worth reading as much as it is worth writing.

So sit back, relax, unwrite anything that is holding you back and become part of this experience.


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